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that way -- and why public transporta >> the bay area ranks in the top 10 worst commute in the bay area. what makes it that way and why public transportation is no better. the race for the white house is down to his last days. the candidates as they visit several states each day. the lights are coming back on but recovery is slow in the northeast. what is being found in the debris of the cleanup begins. the biggest problem right now on the east coast in the wake of superstore in sandy, fuel shortages. take as a private gasoline but it has been rationed from new york or new jersey. and, and businesses.
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we are in staten island, new york were volunteers pitched in to help clean up. one of the hardest hit areas here and you can see piles of debris. all day long volunteers were helping to clear out old was left of peoples homes. >> people in staten island were picking through debris to salvage anything they can including family voters. to find something that might bring someone happiness, including denise kelly's home. flood waters rose as high as a kitchen cabinet. >> the cleanup efforts on staten island will resume sunday morning. once darkness falls people
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leave the streets. there is a shortage of gas because of the power of generators. >> we have been out of powers over four days and it will come back anytime soon. >> over the river they are rationing gas. >> it with these lines and wait times and create a less stressful situation for all those involved. >> many are without power in new jersey. governor crist christie says it will be a long road to recovery and everyone must work together. that's already happening in stone harbor with people pitched in to start cleaning up an elementary school that was badly damaged. and while much of manhattan as power, in other parts of the city is expected to take days before they get any electricity, and another added challenge for people in the dark tonight and
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a cold advisory, temperatures that feel like they are in their 30's. >> we probably already know the bay area commute is bad, but you may not know is california now ranks in the top 10 worst commute in america. and there's a reason so many people are driving solo aching matters worse. >> headlights are coming to the east bay. every day of the week, despite efforts to get us out of our cars, 73% of the still drive alone. on a regular weekday commute, it's the worst in the state. 32 minutes on average for most
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commuters and some even longer. >> in terms of california that's the longest. and more residents proportionately are commuting an hour or more to their jobs. >> join him in compiled survey data and confirmed that california traffic is bad but not as bad as we might have thought. >> almost three quarters of us still tend to drive alone to our jobs. maybe 11% of us carpool and statewide about 5% of us are taking public transit. >> they're is a program in california, maybe not well known but it is the law called the catch-up program. employers who do offer free parking to their employees are supposed to offer a subsidy. you are supposed to get the value of that parking space. >> people can ask for it. that's something i wanted they
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are entitled to. >> public transit has high ridership even if the transit is about 37 minutes, 10 minutes longer than the commute of san francisco drivers. but the appeal is obvious. >> you don't have to fight for parking lets you do get what you need, and there are some benefits to public transit. >> joanna lynn says women and minorities are likely to benefit most from the cash out for parking spaces proclaim. she says that's because when the minorities tend to drive less alone and tend to want to use public transit. >> it's the final weekend before tuesday's presidential election. both candidates are campaigning hard in the battleground states. tracer garcia on the candidates final push. >> president obama is bringing out star power for some of his
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final campaign events. >> this one goes out to other people who know that their vote can make a difference. >> pop singer katie. hope to rally supporters in wisconsin. the president get four swing states saturday telling voters he kept the promises he made four years ago. >> when i said i ended the war in iraq, i ended it. when i said i ended to ask, don't tell, i ended it. >> voters say the economy is the number one issue on tuesday and president obama says his policies are working. >> our business has created nearly five and a half million new jobs. >> her republican challenger that romney disagrees. >> will have another debt
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ceiling, and there will be a question of whether there will be a shutdown of government. can you imagine four more years of that going on? >> every vote counts. recent polls show the race is in a dead heat with single digits. the republican nominee is challenging remarks friday, that voting is the best revenge and he's hitting the quotes on the campaign trail. >> let me tell you, go for the love of country. >> the war of words is likely to continue through election day as they continue to fight for those voters. >> i'm sorry, and i'm not going to keep on spending money to spend money. >> more than a thousand puppeteers responded today with a million puppet march. organizers originally called it
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a million puppet march, and they changed it to include all kinds of puppets, muppets and mascots. in many states turnout for early voting has been heavy. at the alameda county courthouse, the line today was only about 20 people long. in 2008 there were five or 600 people waiting to vote and they were lined up around the block. state republicans are not celebrating. their numbers have reached an all-time low. republicans now make up less than 30% of california's electorate. we have the report on what's behind a historic decline. >> the percentage registering as republicans has hit a new low. the secretary of state office reports republicans make up
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29.3% of the electorate and, only a slight decline from 08. >> it means that more people in california are now registering. and that will hate you worse than it does the other party. >> meanwhile, california has reached an all-time high of about 18.2 million registered voters. a lot of people contribute these to the new online voter registration. and many of them young and leaning democratic. >> it was convenient, you can be anywhere in the world going on to the webpage and registering online. so that worked effectively. they make it mostly about
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them if they are sensitive on that issue. but you missed the opportunity to register your vote to that party. even though, you may alienate them, forgive the pun, when you talk about immigration than we do. >> we have to get our economy going, good manufacturing jobs in the state. we have to get regulation down the business could survive. >> in oakland, and back of it. >> the writing is on the wall in oakland. the city of oakland is looking at toughening his anti- graffiti laws. that includes making graffiti vandalism a misdemeanor instead of an infraction. it would hold parents of underage violators financially responsible. they would also have 10 days to
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clean up graffiti. that proposal would be considered by the public works committee later this month. it happened near clayton road, and the 70 -year-old victim was in the crosswalk when he was hit by an suv. the 42 -year-old driver was charged with particular manslaughter. they say is addition may have been screwed by sunlight and condensation on his windshield. >> three of last night's shooting victims are out of the hospital. reports of gunfire around by the avenue were around last night. a black honda and black acura was seen speeding away from the shooting. some of the smartest kids in the bay area showing off their skills and making a big
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difference. >> and count your blessings. >> it's good for your mind and body. the health benefits linked to great bonus. >> we have our pinpoint forecasts as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,
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and as cbs 5 reporter patrik sedillo reports, the next generation of scientists is experimentin equa >> it was a gathering of the brightest indian best minds in the bay area, and the next generation of scientists is experimenting
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with gender equality. >> our future leaders are in this ballpark today. >> 30,000 participants turned out for the end of the 10 day day science festival at at&t park. >> all-caps-on and minds on where you get to the designs and engineers in the backyard. >> is an exhibit showing how dna testing works. this girl created a flood and the student assembled a whale from actual whale bones. science is becoming more popular because that is where the jobs are. >> we need scientists and engineers and mathematicians at chevron. >> with over 200 exhibits. hard to show everyone of them that the students actually built basketball shooting robots. >> we put this in six weeks of all the way from scratch.
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like prototyping, programming. >> the difference here from two or three decades ago, the presence of more females. eva on doesn't want her miss out. >> when i was growing up there were few opportunities for females. >> deported from the cisco, patrick video, cbs five. >> clearly a gorgeous day for a science fair. and get ready for a little toast to summer. >> we have a little toast and cooler weather turning into the bay area. we can look at how glorious today it was with a high of 65 in pacifica and then topped off in the mid and high 70s, right around the santa rosa area. 73 to the south in mountain view and mid 70s in the bubble.
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54 degrees along the coast, and we will see some areas of chief on tonight lining the coast and working its way through the north bay valley. but tomorrow promises a sunny and warmer conditions, and said the forecast calls for record want on monday and tuesday, and we take its precipitation well into the pacific northwest. unseasonably warm weather for us is that high-pressure ridge strengthens and encompasses the entire west coast but we are looking for that to continue without offshore flow on the way through election day. so no reason to get out the vote. statewide for sunday we are looking for the offshore flow to continue and it looks like we won't see any kind of started building up on the latter portion of our weekend. clear skies with when saving our transition day.
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and otherwise fresno at 80 degrees, 64 on the south and north shows. it's 70s in the vicinity and low 70s in monterey bay. 60 years of the expected tomorrow among the beaches. perhaps 70 degrees give the avenues and all the way to ocean beach. east of the day and learned we will see some of the warmest numbers. that's from today's mid- 70s. and, warmer than that in sonoma and glen allen. and think of cisco, and monday and tuesday. those days will break some records here locally. in wednesday as our transition
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day. thursday clouds up and there's a slight chance of rain on thursday. a better chance on friday with a weathered beginning to improve ever so slightly on saturday. speaking of saturday, that is tonight, we get to set our clocks back one full hour of daylight saving time comes to an end. then we return to standard time. >> while the power of gratitude of getting things can do wonders for your mind and body. doctor kim mulvihill explains how he can keep you healthy. >> halloween may be over but don't tell these guys. >> and i said, yes, where your halloween costumes again. >> and that makes her thankful. >> i'm thankful that we got out of the house without tantrums
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because we just were halloween costumes. two years ago is hard to imagine her doing anything. her twin boys were born by emergency c-section 15 weeks early and spent three months in intensive care, but instead of falling apart, she began to count her blessings and focus on the positive. >> i do that with something i had to do to get through something dramatic. >> she's a volunteer at the greater good science center. here researchers explored the feeling of gratitude or thankfulness. >> it encourages you to think outside of yourself for a moment. >> researchers who kept a journal and details are credited with 25% happier than those who did not. >> they showed increases in happiness, reductions in stress, vulnerability to symptoms like headaches or rashes or dizziness.
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>> she says her boys today are perfectly healthy and that gratitude plays a big part in their lives. >> at dinner we go around and say what we are grateful for. >> from gratitude to being annoyed. are you annoyed by these quacks you are not the only one. another bay area city considers quieting them down or worse.
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is considering either bannig them -- or making them meet >> leaf blowers and the noise they make could be a thing of the past in san mateo. the city council is considering banning them or making them the quieter noise standards and limiting the days they can be used. one city councilman says he is concerned about the impact it would have on landscapers. they had a meeting sunday night. >> honoring the dead with live entertainment is how san francisco celebrated the day of the dead. the mexican holiday was honored in the san francisco
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at the annual day of the dead community concert at the east symphony hall. a full crowd, aztec dancers, performers and a few skeletons hanging around. it's also a annual holiday tradition, the selection and lighting of the us capitol's christmas tree. the chainsaws started as the crews got the tree ready for the journey to washington dc. the tree used to be part of dan schwartz's lunch outside of maker, colorado. >> is amazing for them to pick one owner permitted area. >> the capitol christmas tree is going on a 30 city tour before arriving in washington dc, and the speaker of the house will officially like the tree. the national christmas tree at the white house will be led on december 6. >> just ahead, we have some college football giants.
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delivering a dunk last nigh. out for the year. todn mri revealed a torn acl... e >> warriors small forward brandon rush injured his left knee delivering a dog last night and fell for the year. today an mri revealed a torn acl. so tonight, no brash, bill andrew bogen and apparently no problem. here comes the minute. warriors and clippers jumped to a nine-zero lead, late-onset with a three ball and the lawyers with six seconds left that are hanging onto a 114-110 lead. they are unbeaten on the road.
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and without the go to some football for you. as cardinal quarterback kevin hogan, the new starter for the cardinals is up 38-nothing. hogan, 184 and two touchdowns. and that is eligible. >> spartans went 42-13 over idaho. trailing lsu late in the game, and, a 28-yard strike and, it's a one-year deal, worth 3 million in incentives. five games remaining on his 50 game suspension. remember he got popped 50 games for testing positive for testosterone. >> that's right, and they will be loaded up yet again.
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>> thanks for tuning in at 11. have a great night. ,,,, we don't call this our company,
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